Effortless Makeup Removal for Mature Skin

A mild cleansing balm dissolves makeup and pollutants, creating a clear skincare canvas.

Preparation is Key

Oil washing effortlessly removes makeup and sebum by binding to them.

Oil Cleansing Magic

Warm water or a washcloth opens pores, making makeup removal more effective.

Warmth Opens Pores

Avoid alcohol-based makeup removers, which can dry out older skin.

Avoid Alcohol-based Products

Avoid irritation by softly patting your face with a towel instead of forcibly rubbing it.

Towel Technique

Always remove makeup before bed to let your skin breathe and rejuvenate overnight for a glowing complexion.

Bedtime Ritual

Avoid skin irritation by using soft, cushioned cotton pads with a gentle touch.

Cotton Pad Caution

Follow up with a gentle foamy cleanser to eliminate all makeup and residue.

Double Cleansing Duo

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