9 Cities in the United States With the Most Vacant Land

The city of Dallas has the most undeveloped property, with 90,739 acres spread across 30,000 parcels (2.72 acres on average).


Fort Worth, Dallas' twin city, comes in at number two with 74,835 acres of empty property.

Fort Worth

With slightly over 53,000 acres of undeveloped land, Phoenix is the only city in the top five that is not in Texas.


San Antonio ranks fourth with 48,800 acres of unoccupied land, divided into approximately 35,000 parcels averaging 1.4 acres.

San Antonio

Houston trails San Antonio with 46,168 undeveloped acres.


Indianapolis has 26,600 undeveloped acres, about half of L.A. This is divided into 23,911 lots averaging 1.11 acres.


Austin has 25,100 acres of vacant property on 15,684 lots, half of Houston's.


Jacksonville, Florida's largest city, has 24,400 acres of vacant land on 25,369 properties averaging 0.96 acres.


Denver has 17,692 undeveloped acres, barely ahead of No. 11 New York City. 


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