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Top 6 Nutritious Treats For Children

 Pitta pocket

This pita stuffed with chicken breast, cucumber, and delicious cherry tomatoes has fewer than 150 calories and a low amount of fat.

Fruitburst muffins

These bite-sized, low-fat muffins are packed with apricots, cranberries, and blueberries, making them an ideal afternoon nibble or breakfast-on-the-go.

Fruit Sticks

The lime and passion fruit drizzle adds a new dimension to these homemade ice pops, which are skewered with fruit and served as a quick dessert or refreshment.

Berry Yogurt

This sugary, low-calorie frozen berry yogurt requires only three ingredients, two minutes, and a blender to prepare.

 Fruity sundae

This pot of yogurt swirled with strawberry puree and garnished with a mixture of berries contains less sugar than store-bought yogurts.

Wheatmeal Biscuits

Our quick-cook biscuits incorporate wholemeal flour, oats, and cheddar for a savory snack that is ideal for lunchboxes.