These 9 Startling Features Suggest a High IQ

Highly educated people are sensitive to others' sentiments. They're compassionate and curious about others.


A strong sense of self indicates intellect. If you have a strong self-identity, you feel confident in yourself and your abilities.

Strong sense of self

Exhibiting a voracious need for knowledge is correlated with intelligence, which makes sense.


High anxiety and IQ are connected. While anxiety is often seen as a bad trait, it helps identify and respond to danger.


In the Dunning-Kruger effect, the most proficient students undervalued their competency since the assignments were easy, while less capable students substantially exaggerated their skill.


Interpersonal skills like dispute resolution show intelligence.

Good at peace keeping

Psychological study suggests that intelligence depends on changing your behavior to better handle your surroundings.


Smart people welcome new ideas and chances. Partly because they don't accept anything at face value and want to weigh all the information.


Higher-IQ persons can better control urges by planning, creating goals, and considering consequences.


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