The World's Finest Institutions of Higher Learning

Yale University has a $29.4 billion endowment and $881 million research budget. It's one of the oldest US universities.

Yale University

The Ohio State University, founded in 1870, has 45,946 undergraduates and a $5.2 billion endowment.

The Ohio State University

The private research university has global campuses.

New York University

The institution has a $8.5 billion endowment and $1.06 billion research budget.

Duke University

Stanford is one of the world's richest universities. Its endowment is $26.5 billion.

Stanford University

Princeton University is a famous Ivy League school in New Jersey.

Princeton University

The public Texas A&M University system encompasses 11 universities and seven research organizations across the state.

Texas A&M University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was founded to speed the industrial revolution.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Rice institution, founded in 1912, is a private research institution in Houston, Texas, with a $6.3 billion endowment.

Rice University

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