The Top Pet Turtles Are Usually Very Tiny Ones

Musk turtles inhabit eastern US water environments. They also like shallow, low-current waters with aquatic plants.

Musk Turtle

Bog turtles are easy to care for but semi-aggressive and territorial.

Bog Turtle

Eastern and southern US and Mexico have these turtles. Although they live in forests, fields, marshes, and meadows, this turtle is often seen in homes.

Box Turtle

Olive to black shell with yellow patterning; yellow stripe on head. This eastern Mediterranean turtle lives in permanent freshwater bodies. 

Caspian Turtle

Spotted turtles are small aquatic turtles. Named for their yellow shell markings, they live in East Coast and Great Lakes marshes.

Spotted Turtle

Medium gray-brown to black turtles with stripes. Diamondback terrapins swim well due to their webbed feet and robust legs.

Diamondback Terrapin

Reeves turtle is sometimes called Chinese pond turtle. This east Asian diurnal species is active during the day and rests at night.

Reeve’s Turtle

The painted turtle is North America's most common aquatic turtle. Ponds, streams, and marshes house this turtle. 

Painted Turtle

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