The Majority of Labrador Retriever Health Issues

Labrador retrievers can have bloat, which causes abdominal pain owing to stomach expansion due to retained food or gas.


Certain variables increase the chance of tumors and malignancies in dogs, regardless of breed. Genetics and environmental factors are examples.


Unfortunately, 31% of Labrador retrievers develop hip dysplasia. 

Hip Dysplasia

Most biologists believe this condition is genetic due to its high prevalence in certain groups and recurrence through Labrador generations of the same bloodline. 


An undesirable yet common health concern in Labrador retrievers is elbow dysplasia, specifically a fragmented medial coronoid process.

Elbow Dysplasia

Labradors have weight difficulties in about 60% of cases. This makes Labradors one of the fattest dog breeds.


Labrador retrievers also have the problem of exercise-induced collapse (EIC).

Exercised-induced Collapse

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