The Elegance of Black Dog Breeds

Black Labs are friendly and loyal. They have strong family relationships and like making new friends. 

Labrador Retriever

Because of their scarcity, black German Shepherds command a hefty premium. 

Black German Shepherd

Belgian Sheepdogs guard and defend. They're affectionate and sensitive, making them wonderful family pets. 

Belgian Sheepdog

People with pet allergies will find that a Black Poodle's curly coat is easier on their sensitive skin.


Black Pomeranians have black undercoats and guard hairs. Keep black Poms away of direct sunlight to avoid a reddish coat.


The active, social, and trainable Black Miniature Schnauzer can fit in an apartment but protect an acre farm.

Miniature Schnauzer

Black Great Danes are unusual and usually have white fur on the chest and toes. Many people want a full black huge dog.

Great Dane

The strong Cane Corso was bred to guard properties and hunt large animals, making it appear intimidating.

Cane Corso

Newfoundlands are huge working dogs with strong bones and dignified personalities.


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