Rare to common Pomeranian coat colors

The rarest Pomeranian color is violet. Despite the name, these dogs are brown, not purple.

Lavender Pomeranian

White Pomeranians are uncommon but more prevalent than other canines on this list.

White Pomeranian

Despite their darker color, these Pomeranian dogs act like others. However, their black fur stands out when they shed, so you may need to groom them more.

Black Pomeranian

Chocolate Pomeranians are brown and resemble orange ones. 

Chocolate Pomeranian

This color Pomeranian is likely available and affordable.

Orange Pomeranian

Their cream coat is unmarked. Due to their popularity and huge gene pool, Cream Pomeranians are healthy canines.

Cream Pomeranian

These Pomeranians are uncommon. They have two-color coats, usually black and orange or brown and white. 

Brindle Pomeranian

Wolf sable Pomeranians are rare. Black, brown, and gray hairs cover their coat.

Wolf Sable Pomeranian

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