Most Beautiful Cities in the World to Visit in Your Lifetime

The towns and scenery of Thailand are among the most exciting and beautiful in the world.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Images of fashionistas flitting along the Seine and through immaculate gardens on ancient cobblestone alleyways came to mind.

Paris, France

Cape Town, framed by Table Mountain and the Atlantic and Indian oceans, has the hustle of a city and the beauty of nature.

Cape Town, South Africa

Every colorful Colonial-style home and vibrant street corner in Cartagena exudes joy.

Cartagena, Colombia

Renaissance birthplace has world-class galleries, stunning architecture, and treasured stores.

Florence, Italy

Garden and structure in Istanbul combine opulence and historical beauty.

Istanbul, Turkey

Japanese history is felt the instant one enters the historic capital. Craft shops and lively food markets are surrounded by fragrant cherry blossoms.

Kyoto, Japan

Many of Greece's lovely villages are becoming more popular, but Athens is still its crown jewel.

Athens, Greece

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