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List of the Top 10 Spanish Horse Breeds


The Andalusian is a breed of horse that has its roots in the Andalusia region of southern Spain.


Pottoks are Basque Country ponies from Spain and France. The old breed may have existed in the area for thousands of years, but its origin is unknown.


The origin of the Mallorquín is unknown, however it is believed to be native to Mallorca. This unique horse breed is rarely seen abroad.

Paso Fino

The Paso Fino is descended from various breeds Christopher Columbus brought to the Dominican Republic.

Peruvian Paso

The Peruvian Paso, or horse, descends from 1500s horses that arrived in South America.

Galician Horse

Galicia in northwestern Spain is the birthplace of the Galician Mountain Horse.

Mérens Horse

Though its origin is unknown, the Mérens horse breed is from southern France and northern Spain.


In the 1800s, the Hispano-Árabe originated in Andalusia. The breed is Arabian-Andalusian.

Spanish Trotter

Spanish trotters developed on the Balearic Islands. In the 1800s, these islands featured trotting races.

Colonial Spanish Horse

The Colonial Spanish horse, sometimes known as the Spanish mustang, was bred on Caribbean and Mexican ranches from Spanish horses.

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