Interesting Facts About Norwegian Forest Cats

It's believed this unique cat is a Maine coon cat ancestor.

Fewer People Know Norwegian Forest Cats

These beautiful cats average 20 pounds, but some are more. 

Big Cats

If you have birds or rodents, these cats are fierce hunters.

Forest Cats Are Hunters

Cats in the forest are friendly and enjoy cuddling up with humans. 

They adore people

Freya, the goddess of love and fertility, rode a chariot pulled by gigantic, long-haired cats in Norse mythology.

Magical Norse Mythology Entities

There are a wide variety of coat colors and patterns found in this breed. 

Forest cats have endless colors and patterns

As the name says, this type resided in Norwegian forests and settlements, where it adapted well to the cold.

Breed Origin: Norway

The coats of Norwegian forest cats are extremely dense and resistant to moisture.

Water-Resistant Fur

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