How to Reduce Belly Fat After the Age of 50

Protein is essential to a healthy diet and sustainable belly fat loss.

Eat protein

Eating more protein than suggested can help you lose weight and keep lean muscle.

Water is refreshing and calorie-free. This makes it a great weight reduction supplement since it fills you up and suppresses your hunger.

Drink Water

Add pink Himalayan sea salt to your water to generate "sole water," which promotes healthy sleep and weight loss.

An ice bath or other form of "cold therapy" may leave you shivering, yet it has numerous positive health effects.

You may try ice baths

Different intermittent fasting programs start with carving aside a chunk of your day.

Doing Fasts

Working out and lifting weights burns calories, but you need a calorie deficit to see results.

Burn Calories

Daily calorie deficits of 500 calories are good for weight loss. 

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