Hidden Fast Food Chains in U.S. You Must Find

Wayback Burgers serves delicious beef patties, chicken tenders, cheesesteaks, and hand-dipped milkshakes. 

Wayback Burgers

From mini-chains just starting out to cult spots you may have never heard of, here are the fast food restaurants you should try.

Hidden delights

Fresh meatball hoagies and a vast range of restaurant-quality coffees at gas station rates.


Since 1961, Burgerville has been serving meat from the area.


Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska residents have been visiting Runza for decades for its German-Russian sandwich.


Taco Cabana opened all night to avoid patio furniture theft, not to entertain parties. 

Taco Cabana

Burgerlords, a stylish vegan burger joint in LA, has two locations.


Customers adore its healthy vegetarian omelettes, smashed avocado on toast, and French toast.

First Watch

Since 1969, it has been providing its customers the fresh pizzas they adore.

Pizza Pit

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