Find Out Which U.S. State Has the Smallest Town

This tiny community was established in 1976 and is located just outside of Birmingham.

McMullen, Alabama

In this compact waterfront region, you will enjoy the pristine Alaskan environment without sharing it with anybody else.

Hobart Bay, Alaska

In fact, there is only one person who gets to call this area home.

Willow Canyon, Arizona

Now home to two people, this small mining village near the White River National Forest was once bustling.

Fulford, Colorado

After the adjacent phosphate mine closed in the 1960s, this small village has been mostly abandoned.

Brewster, Florida

Just a short drive away, on the island of Lanai, are the stunning beaches of Maulee Bay and Hulopoe Bay.

Manele, Hawaii

This little settlement of 12 acres may be seen in a day.

River Forest, Indiana

The ancient and charming Freeport Presbyterian Church is the focal point of this small town.

Freeport, Kansas

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