Exploring the Super Senses of Cats

Crepuscular cats are active during dawn and dusk. Their retinas include many rod cells, making them good at low-light vision.

Superior Night Vision

Cats' acute hearing can catch ultrasonic sounds that humans cannot.

Acute Hearing

This strong hearing helps them find prey and detect insects rustling.

The average cat has a nose that is 14 times more sensitive than a human's.

Sense of Smell

Although cats have taste buds, their ability to taste is far less refined than their other senses.


Their evolution as obligate carnivores explains their fondness for high-protein, high-fat diets.

Cats are recognized for their magical ability to sense weather changes and earthquakes.

Sixth Sense

Cat whiskers, especially around the mouth and on the backs of their forelegs, are delicate tactile hairs. 


These whiskers help cats hunt and explore in the dark by assessing texture, form, and air currents.

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