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Don't Consume Alcohol, Instead Try These 6 Beverages

Iced tea

Iced tea is a beverage that everyone enjoys, and it's far more delicious than alcoholic beverages in the summer and winter.


If you're a sucker for cocktails and can't get enough of them, try their non-alcoholic counterparts.

Lime soda

You're missing out on life if you haven't tasted carbonated water with lime and black salt. Lime soda is a popular street food drink in many South Asian nations


Lemonade is a great summer drink, but if you're feeling experimental, you can prepare a hot version and have lemonade tea in the winter.

Fruit juice

Nothing beats freshly squeezed fruit juice, and the more you explore with different flavors, the more you'll like them.


If you want to be healthier and avoid alcohol, switching to smoothies is the greatest option.