Dogs Breeds that Looks Like Foxes

Akita looks are very similar to a fox. This breed is from Japan.


These smart, independent dogs can be difficult to train and develop possessiveness and hostility.

Shiba Inu

A square build, red coat, and small, erect ears give a Spitz a fox-like appearance.

Finnish Spitz

They are good with children if trained and socialized early, but reticent with strangers and other dogs.

Belgian Malinois

Though available in practically all hues, the long-haired red Chihuahua resembles a little red fox.

Long-Haired Chihuahua

With their straight, wedge-shaped ears and black points, these canines resemble the white Arctic Fox.

American Eskimo

They tend to be kind and welcoming, yet might be reserved and wary around new people.

Alaskan Klee Kai

Red dog or red fox dog are other names for the Dhole, or Indian wild dog.


The Volpino Italiano resembles the Fox in many ways.

Volpino Italiano

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