Dishes That Are Not Suitable for a Cast-Iron Skillet

Eggs are the worst item to cook in a new cast-iron skillet because it's porous.


Once your cast-iron pan is seasoned, you can produce the best fried eggs. 

Soft fish like sole, cod, flounder, and salmon adhere to the pan and make a mess.


After cooking any fish, deep clean and season your pan to avoid a fishy flavor in your next dish.

Cast-iron skillets and pans are porous and retain flavors unless seasoned and cleaned.


An large cookie skillet or brownie sounds delicious, but after a meal, you should clean your cast-iron skillet before making dessert.

When creating a rich tomato sauce, wine-braised meat, or lemon-based marinade, use a stainless steel or ceramic pot or skillet.

Acidic Foods

Acidic meals take metals from even the most seasoned cast-iron cookware, which leaches into your food.

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