Dance Workouts for Women

A high-energy dancing exercise program, Zumba mixes Latin and worldwide music with dance moves. It burns calories and improves coordination.


Belly dancing strengthens your core and increases flexibility. A delicate, empowering low-impact dance technique.

Belly Dancing

Pole dancing is a popular full-body workout that increases strength, balance, and flexibility. A fun and empowering approach to become fit.

Pole Dancing

Hip-hop dance classes emphasize urban dancing and music. These sessions teach rhythm, strength, and cool dancing skills.

Hip-Hop Dance

Salsa, merengue, and other Latin dance genres are entertaining, fitness-boosting, and social.


Spanish flamenco is passionate and expressive. It works the whole body, improving flexibility and leg and core strength.


African dancing workouts are intense and rhythmic. They can boost cardiovascular fitness and teach about other cultures.

African Dance

Contemporary dance is expressive and flowing and blends several styles. 

Contemporary Dance

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