Cat Breeds That Love Snuggles and Scratches


This tawny orange cat breed is perfect for a quirky, playful cat with a terrific personality.

Known for their energy, Abyssinians "enjoy activities, are playful, and adore all ages.


They love to play with their trusted humans and come when called, making this white and gray cat breed more than simply a ball of fur.


Persians, one of the nicest cat breeds, adore being handled and petted, disproving the bad-guy stereotype.

Exotic Shorthair

They resemble Persians in appearance and behavior. Their short coats require less care than long-haired cat varieties like the Persian, making them suitable for busy people.

Maine Coon

One of the friendliest cat breeds, these cats get along with humans and other cats, making them excellent for multi-pet households.


The Burmese, a beautiful southeast Asian cat, is a superb lap cat.

Bombay Cat

This unique cat breed is outgoing with owners and strangers.


As one of the most curious breeds, they often want to know what their owners are doing.

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