Cardio Workouts for Maximum Fat Burn

Inclined walking can enhance running form and muscle endurance while burning as many calories as running. 

Incline Walking

Boxing burns calories, builds shoulder, back, and core endurance, and minimizes lower body impact. 


Compared to treadmill running, this is a much more engaging cardio workout.

Unprepared runners can suffer injuries from the high impact and stress of pounding the pavement. 


Running is high-impact and may cause lower-body muscle loss. 

Resistance exercise is vital to losing weight and reducing body fat. 

Weight Training

Building muscle with weight exercise increases your metabolism, allowing you to consume more and lose weight.

Like boxing, this can develop core strength, shoulder, leg, back, and core muscular endurance, and power production when throwing maximally or near maximally. 

Kick Boxing

This total-body high-intensity, high-impact cardiovascular workout is amazing. 

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