Best Hairstyles for Women Over 40

Long hair with a moderate wave suits most people and is one of the greatest hairstyles for women over 40.

Long and soft

A bob can strike anywhere between your chin and shoulders, giving you length flexibility.

Sleek bob

Pixie cuts frame the face, making them ideal for women who wish to highlight their features.

Pixie Cut

Shorter cuts look larger since damaged stringy ends are removed.

Short and bouncy

A spiral hair tie or silk scrunchie that complements your hair color can hold your look without damage

Soft bun

Bangs are great for softening and hiding forehead wrinkles.

Soft bangs

This style, often known as the lob, has the polish of a short bob but the versatility of long hair.

Long bob

Women with dry, naturally textured hair love body wave curls, which are looser than ringlets.

Textured curls

The length of the bangs in the front is shorter than it is on the sides and back. 

Curtain bangs

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