9 Most Popular Dog Breed in the U.S

French Bulldog is the most popular dog breed in United States.

French Bulldog

Labrador retriever comes on second spot as the most popular dog breed in the US.

Labrador Retriever

Golden retrievers are sociable, playful sporting dogs that are vigilant, self-confident, active, and energetic, but not watchdogs.

Golden Retriever

They are bright, loyal, faithful, and dignified. They can sprint fast.

German Shepherd

Poodles are incredibly popular both as household pets and in the dog show circuit. 


This breed is calm, brave, friendly, affectionate, and headstrong and prefers TV over walks.


Powerful, protective, and faithful, they are recognized for their protecting instinct.


Beagles are sociable, strong scent hounds used to hunt rabbits.


Dachshunds are among the 10 most popular dog breeds due to their fun, versatility, and moderate energy.


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