9 Most Playful Dog Breeds

This lively breed can exhibit OCD, but its sense of humor is most noticeable.

Bull Terrier

The Pug is a naughty connoisseur that loves to play.


This great family dog may not be smart, but his mischief is admirable.


Dachshunds know how to have fun and be useful.


This silky white love-a-muffin enjoys playing hide-and-seek with his owner. 


For those who have owned one, the Lab is a mischievous teen.

 Labrador Retriever

Pit bulls are funny. Always game, hide your socks and teddy animals or they'll be in your dog's bed.

Pit Bull

This small terrier loves his owner and making him happy.

 Yorkshire Terrier

The English Bulldog is speedy. His sideways glance suggests a dirty mentality.

 English Bulldog

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