9 Most Mysterious Places in USA

New Orleans is haunted and spiritual on every corner and cemetery, but this opulent Creole palace is no exception.

LaLaurie Mansion

The Marfa lights have puzzled people for nearly 140 years, yet no one knows why or if they exist. 


The entire area is a vortex, or concentrated, crackling energy with healing capabilities.

Cathedral Rock

Bodie is a ghost town in more than simply the early 20th century abandonment of the gold-mining town, now a state park.


The Red Onion Saloon in Skagway is now a bar and restaurant, but a brothel museum and frightening events hint at its dark past.

Red Onion Saloon

This Eureka Springs hotel is America's most haunted, perched on an Ozark Mountain slope.

Crescent Hotel

Mystery surrounds South Carolina's oldest bridge's construction.

Poinsett Bridge

This iconic Chicago attraction is one of the most haunted. 

Lincoln Park Zoo

Portland is today known for craft beer and hipsters, but it was previously a hub of illegal activity, especially near the port.

Shanghai Tunnels

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