9 Most Famous Food Brands From Every State in U.S.

While the recipe remains a secret, it no longer contains prohibited substances.

Georgia, Coca Cola

Since the 1800s, this oak-aged hot sauce has changed little. Every seed is from Avery Island, and every pepper is hand-picked.

Louisiana, Tabasco

The Kellogg brothers accidently founded their firm by creating Corn Flakes, a healthful and easily digested morning cereal.

Michigan, Kellogg's

Edward Charles Edmond Barq, Sr. bottled his first root beer in Biloxi, Mississippi, in 1898. 

Mississippi, Barq's Root Beer

Families wanted something robust and filling during meat and dairy rationing.

Missouri, Kraft Mac and Cheese

The inventors of Umpqua Oats were bored of paper packet oats and created a healthier grab-and-go version.

Nevada, Umpqua Oats

One of the most popular condiments in the US, ketchup was invented in the late 1800s.

Pennsylvania, Heinz Ketchup

It increased revenue and helped the brand with millennials, who adored the digital contest.

Texas, Lays

This now-international coffee firm started selling small-batch roasted coffee beans in Pike Place Market.

Washington, Starbucks

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