9 Most Dangerous Places in the World

Kilauea is under danger from toxic gas, fissures, lava flows, and earthquakes due to a volcano eruption.


Given the recent violence and instability around the U.S. embassy's transfer to Jerusalem, the neighborhood is dangerous.


17 of the 50 most hazardous cities were in Brazil, according to worldatlas.com.


The island's most perilous diving areas were threatened with kidnapping during the early May election.

Malaysian Borneo

Political unrest has raised unemployment, which leads to robberies and muggings.


It is widely believed that Cairo is the most dangerous city in the world for women.

Cairo, Egypt

Kidnapping incidents are normal in the southern part of this country.


Political unrest, poverty, drug trafficking, carjacking, and armed robbery are reasons to avoid.

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Tourist destinations, buses, railroads, retail malls, and other public spaces are threatened by bombings and armed warfare by terrorist groups


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