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9 Minimal Grooming Dog Breeds

Boston Terrier

These dogs play for hours with kids without getting rough. These low-maintenance dogs are perfect for a growing family.


Dalmatians have a short, resilient coat that won't stain your upholstery.


This breed is one of the lowest-maintenance dogs due to its transparent coat that only needs brushing occasionally.


Basenjis are a fur-hater's fantasy because they rarely need brushing.


This dog maintains its beauty with little effort.


This breed requires less care and will make you and your furniture happy.


This breed is a great security dog and one of the largest softies, calm and even-tempered with children and other pets.

Great Dane

They are fantastic with youngsters and other pets and only need to be groomed once in a month due to their short fur.


People who don't have time for weekly grooming will love these canines.

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