9 Abnormal Canine Breeds

Bergamasco sheepdogs have amazing coats. It may seem impossible, yet this Italian dog's rough coat sprouts flat layers of felted hair as an adult.

Bergamasco sheepdog

The borzoi's demeanor matches its high-minded appearance.


One of the world's earliest canine varieties.

Caucasian shepherd dog

Despite its diminutive stature, the Brussels griffon rules and dominates dogs. 

Brussels griffon

The distinctive features of this breed are the bushy eyebrows and beard that give it the appearance of a wise old man.

Irish wolfhound

This Dog breed is easily recognizable because of its unique head shape.

Bull terrier

The chow-chow has a powerful body, a lion-like fur collar, small eyes that seem to judge, and a blue-black tongue.


Chinese crested dogs usually have long, delicate hair on their head, legs, and tail, leaving their bodies naked.

Chinese crested dog

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