8 Small Habits That Show Your Personality

If you walk quickly and lean forward, you're productive and reasonable.

The way you walk

The way you shake someone's hand can make or break an initial impression.

Your handshake

Being on time is a reliable indicator of good character.

Your punctuality

Uncomfortable shoes indicate calmness, while fresh, well-maintained shoes indicate anxiety or clinginess.

Shoe choices

Individuals who are picky eaters are more prone to display anxiety and neuroticism than those who are more open to trying new foods.

Your eating habits

Write with a slight right slant to be friendly and impulsive, and left to be reserved and unique. 

Your handwriting

Perfectionists who tidied their hair or nails did so to relieve boredom, annoyance, and unhappiness. 

Nervous ticks

Impulse buyers enjoy spontaneity and adventure. The practice may also indicate a lack of self-control.

Shopping habits

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