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6  Relaxing Stews To Make After A Long Day Of Stress


Warm up on a cold day with this delicious and comforting vegetable and dumplings recipe. The creamy soup has texture and flavor from the mushrooms and veggies and the dumplings are soft and fluffy.

Lebanese Stewed Peas

This simple Lebanese bazella w riz stews peas and carrots in tomato sauce. Served with Lebanese vermicelli rice.

Veggie Stew

The best way to use canned young jackfruit is in a hearty vegetarian stew. It's the perfect dinner meal for a hot, steamy bowl of comfort food.

One-Pot Ratatouille

The greatest French summer vegetable stew may be made in 30 minutes in one pot.

Sancocho Root Stew

Sancocho, a beloved Latin American root stew, embodies warmth and flavor.

Split Pea Stew

This split pea and sweet potato stew is delicious! This savory dish has bits of potato, vibrant carrots, and sweet corn.