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6 Foods That Prevent Wrinkles


Antioxidants in blueberries make them a fantastic snack and help keep your skin healthy and supple for a young appearance.


Avocados are a beauty secret we can consume or use in a mask. The Vitamin C and E in them hydrate and produce collagen, which is good for your skin.


Vitamins B and E are abundant in walnuts. They reduce fine wrinkles, skin damage, and dark circles around the eyes.

Olive Oil

Vitamin E in olive oil reduces wrinkles. Use this on your skin or in your diet. Test a patch of skin before using it in your skincare routine to see how it reacts.


Egg whites fill the skin. They give amino acids for aging skin and reduce wrinkles.


These tasty treats are sweet and tangy. Pomegranate seeds, or arils, have different benefits from juice because juice doesn't provide as many nutrients as the whole fruit.