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6 Affordable And Easy Midweek Dinners

Creamy chicken pasta

Save time with this creamy chicken spaghetti dish! It's easy to make and perfect for individuals trying to eat well and stick to their diets.


Indian-style Chowmein is a quick and tasty dinner option. This spiced Indo-Chinese noodle dish is flavored.


Korean vegetable pancakes, yachaejeon, are tasty and healthful. They're adaptable and easy to make in 10 minutes.

Seafood Hotpot

After a long day, imagine sipping warm, spicy spoonfuls of fresh fish soup. The spicy seafood hotpot, haemul jeongol, is healthy for everyone.

Creamy chicken

Enjoy a creamy chicken stew with tarragon and fresh vegetables. Under 20 minutes, gratify your taste buds

Spinach With Eggs

In 25 minutes, you may have a spinach dish with the ideal bechamel sauce and eggs.