11 Elegant Medium Box Braids Your Stylist Must See

1. Medium Box Braids with Lots of Curly Ends. 

Cascading braid curls provide a lovely level of sophistication to your hairstyle. You may choose for little or large curls.

2. Medium Box Braids Lob Hairstyle. 

Box braids in medium sizes are smooth and precise. This elegant braided bob is separated in the middle and braided evenly.

3. Medium Knotless Box Braids. 

Both traditional box braids and knotless braids are stunning. Because the braider braids your hair first, then adds extensions, they seem natural, are lightweight, and painless.

4. Medium Goddess Box Braids. 

Killer curls are on their way. Box braids with medium curls are gorgeous. Part your hair sideways to make your face seem larger.

5. Medium Box Braids with Curls. 

Your braids look sensual with a few tiny curls. Check out how these minimal curls operate.

6. Medium Bohemian Box Braids. 

A gorgeous medium braided Bohemian box design. Hairstyle for a date night, wedding, or beach vacation.

7. Medium Triangle Box Braids. 

Examine the scalp work. The hairdresser is well-versed in onions. Take a look at the fascinating triangle sectioning! Box braids may be square or triangular in shape.

8. Medium-Size Box Braids with a Center-Part.

his medium box braids hairstyle has an attractive center part and neat sectioning. The golden metal pearls are the icing on the cake.

9. Medium Box Braids with Golden Beads. 

We can't talk braids until we have beads. Beaded braids glisten. Working with two to five beads is sufficient.

10. Medium Box Braids with Color. 

Do you want your medium box braids to stand out? Display some color. A few bright accents here and there will liven up your braids and hair.

11. Medium-to-Big Box Braids. 

The style is now larger than medium box braids. Medium box braids that are almost too broad. We like how her curls softened her thick hair.

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