10 Simple Curly Hairstyles For Women Over 40

1. Messy Curly Bun

Adding a messy bun changes your whole style. Just the hairstyle to keep people looking at you. Playful and quick to make. Next time you're late, you know what hairstyle to choose.

2. Long Layered Curls

Layered cascading curls are perfect! These voluminous locks are chic and understated. For radiant curls, finish with a shine spray.

3. Shaggy Red Headed Bob

Why not have fun now that you're in your 40s and have time for yourself? This shaggy bob with texturized curls is cool alone. To add some funk, dye your hair bright red.

4. Texturized Spiral Curls On Medium Length Hair

Picture yourself playing in a meadow with wild flowers in your hair and a long flowing dress. This curly hairdo suits that dream.

5. Messy Curls On Layered Long Bob

Layering is crucial to excellent curly hair. Layered hairstyles define curls like no other cut. Try this layered long bob with unruly curls and bangs to feel youthful again.

6. Kinky Curls With Subtle Highlights

Kinky curls are unique and appealing. Use your curling iron (or chopsticks?) to give your short bob a kinky twist. Add delicate light brown highlights to your hair for a sun-kissed effect.

7. Curly Cropped Bob With Cropped Bangs

Check out this highly short curly bob that will turn heads. The halfway chopped bangs enhance this look's quirky attitude.

8. Elegant Open Curls

Julia Roberts has matured beautifully in Hollywood. She has perfected loose open curls throughout the years. This relaxed wavy style on her shoulder-length golden hair exudes sophistication.

9. Romantic Curls Bob

Your search ends here! Using a 1 inch curling iron on a short bob will give you delicate romantic curls that will make you seem like a romantic movie character!

10. Center Parted Curls

This Michelle Pfeiffer-inspired curly hair style will give you a red carpet vibe. Leave your hair in curlers overnight to wake up with a new appearance!

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